GEWI+ consists of high yield GEWI+ screwed steel with a right-hand thread over the full length, which offers the possibility to fix and couple the bars at any point. All the GEWI bars have a Tensile Strength of 800 N/mm2 and a 0,2 Steel Grade Yield of 670 N/mm2.



DiameterØ 18 Ø 22Ø 25Ø 28Ø 30Ø 35 Ø 43Ø 57,5Ø 63,5 Ø 75
Doorsnede (mm2)4543804916167079621.4522.5973.1674.418
Gewicht (kg/m)233,94,95,77,711,620,825,335,3
Breukkracht (kN)2043043934935657701.1622.0772.5343.534
0,2% rekgrens- kracht (kN)1702553294134746459731.7402.1222.960
Ft,max,st,d volgens CUR 166 (kN)1452172803524045508301.4841.810 2.524