Water safety is very important, especially in these times of climate change, seawater rise and soil subsidence. The JLD Dyke Stabilizer, developed by JLD-Contracting BV, is a sustainable, flexible, cost-effective and innovative solution, which has been developed and financed within the POV macro stability in the context of the Flood Protection Program (HWBP) to strengthen dykes in the core (Macro stability) . The aim of the HWBP is to strengthen dikes better, faster and cheaper.


“Water safety is very important,
especially in these times of climate change, seawater rise and land subsidence.”


The JLD Dyke Stabilizer is used in the inward slope of the dyke. The JLD Dyke Stabilizer is installed with relatively light equipment. The JLD Dyke Stabilizer, an elongated plastic element, is placed where the extra required force is needed in the dyke. Placing the JLD Dyke Stabilizer has less impact on the surrounding area than driving or vibrating sheet piling or supporting verges and will therefore cause less nuisance to the surrounding area.

The JLD Dyke Stabilizer not only provides reinforcement, but also ensures that the dyke can “communicate”. The stabilizers are equipped with sensors and thus the dike becomes a “smart dike”. With these sensors it is possible to measure the pressure in the system, pore pressure, vibrations and temperature in the dike and thus continue to monitor the expected positive interaction between the JLD Dike Stabilizer and the barrier. In this way, targeted maintenance can be carried out and the design of flood defenses could even be used more sharply in the future.

The innovative dyke improvement is a solution that helps to offer people a safer living environment, to better protect them against a dyke breach and also to warn early in the event of dyke weakening, so that the Netherlands can keep its feet dry.