JLD International BV is a worldwide supplier of JLD folding anchors and associated parts: nuts, anchor rods and anchor seats. Our JLD Folding Anchors have extensive constructive application options for ground anchoring. Due to the typical mechanism of vibrating and tilting, the soil is minimally disturbed. The price ratio compared to substitutes and the simple way of installation using standard tools make our anchor system a great product for anchoring in almost all soil types. In addition, the pre-calculated required pulling force is applied to each installed anchor. Installation and testing are done simultaneously, making the anchor immediately loadable.


JLD Contracting BV, sister company of JLD International BV, has been active since 2014 in Ground, Road and Hydraulic Engineering, as well as pipeline construction and infrastructure technology. Core activities of JLD Contracting are the processing of JLD folding anchors and ESP sheet piling. JLD Contracting is also a supplier of WPC decking and scaffolding materials. In addition, with the development of the JLD Dyke Stabilizer, JLD Contracting has developed an innovative dyke improvement technique which aims to improve the inward stability of the dykes (Macro stability). This technique has been developed within the POV macro stability, a program within the Dutch Flood Protection Program (HWBP).


Sister company ESP supplies plastic and glass fiber reinforced sheet piling. Our sheet piles have extensive application options for soil and / or water-retaining structures. Some of the advantages of ESP plastic sheet walls are that they are not affected by the environment, are resistant to chemicals, are lightweight and frost resistant.



Our goal is to become a profitable organization by:

  • JLD International strives to provide the highest possible service to its customers through technological lead with the focus on the customers and the market development.
  • We see ourselves as partners of our customers, our employees, our community and our environment.
  • Our management, technical and sales staff are committed to the philosophy – serving our customers by delivering innovation and effective solutions that meet the requirements, delivery time and budget.
  • Our aim is to become a nationally and internationally recognized concept associated with Quality, Safety and Value.
  • We will always strive to optimize our activities in order to be more effective and efficient.

By creating an open and trusted work environment and culture within the organization, we will attract and retain the best people, which will serve as the foundation for full commitment and involvement.