Marinetek Buoys are very strong, unsinkable and easy to anchor. The product range includes high bar rear anchorage buoys and low bar open water buoys. The 45 l, 75 l and 150 l buoys are of the highest quality and designed according to the boat anchorage regulations to enable safe anchorage for small and large boats.


Marinetek operates a policy of continuous development and reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Technische data

  • Red is the standard production colour for the buoys, but other colours can be provided if required.
  • The buoys have a strong hot dip galvanised steel bar and a rotation moulded polyethylene plastic shell filled with foam. Stainless bar available as an option.
  • The drop shape of the buoys ensures that they can be used year around and in all weather conditions. They are service free and operate quietly offering the best protection for your boat.