GEWI consists of high yield GEWI screwed steel with a coarse left-hand thread. The steel meets the requirements of the DIN 488, also in relation to the weldability.

The Ø16-50 GEWI bars have a Tensile Strength of 550 N/mm2 and a 0,2 Steel Grade Yield of 500 N/mm2. The GEWI bar with the diameter of 63,5 has a Tensile Strength of 700 N/mm2 and a 0,2 Steel Grade Yield of 555 N/mm2.  



DiameterØ 16Ø 20 Ø 25Ø 28Ø 32Ø 40Ø 50 Ø 63,5 
Kerndiameter (D)15,919,524,427,33139,148,962,4
Doorsnede (mm2)2013144916168041.2571.9633.167
Gewicht (kg/m)1,62,53,94,96,410,115,725,3
Spoed (a x c)1,0×8,01,3×10,01,6×12,51,8×14,02,1×16,02,4×20,02,7×26,02,7×21,0
Breukkracht (kN)1111732703394426911.0802.217
0,2% rekgrens- kracht (kN)1011572453084026289821.758
Ft,max,st,d volgens CUR 166 (kN)791231932423164947711.583