The Concrete Fingers include the Heavy Duty and Super Yacht series fingers and provide unprecedented standards of finger berthing for large boat marinas. The design of fingers represents the latest technology in concrete pontoon construction. These completely new fingers are very stable with high loading capacity and long service life. The connection is semi flexible similar to Marinetek’s standard pontoon joints. The SY-fingers are moored by piles with standard guides.


Length (m)8,010,012,012,216.0519,9
Width with fenders (m)1,21,21,22,02,02,0
Concrete width (m)1,01,01,01,81,81,8
Height (m)1,05/1,21,02/1,21,05/1,21,0/1,11,0/1,11,0/1,1
Weight (t)4,6-5,25,7-6,56,8-7,89,812,916,0
Net capacity (kN/m2)4,8-6,54,8-6,54,8-6,55,6-6,55,6-6,55,6-6,5
Freeboard (m)0,48-0,650,48-0,650,48-0,650,56-0,650,56-0,650,56-0,65
Strength of joint (kN)6×906×906×902×3222×3222×322
Joint gap (mm)353535353535
Exact unit weight and freeboard are subject to detailed specification of the unit and equipment. Shown numbers are for standard and unloaded units.
Marinetek operates a policy of continuous development and reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Technische data

  • Concrete strength: 45 N/mm2 steel reinforced plastic fibre concrete. Exposure class according to European EN 206-1 standard
  • Core: Expanded polystyrene, density 15 kg/m3
  • Reinforcement: Partly or fully hot dip galvanised steel
  • Optional accessories: Timber or wood composite deck, finger fixing system, cable ducts and fenders (timber or wood plastic composite)
  • HD Concrete Fingers are available in different heights and capacities to match the freeboard of different pontoon series.