ESP 8.5

Systhetic sheet piling is a surprisingly strong and durable solution for ground or flood, such as seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, etc.

Vinyl Sheet Piling is a relavitely new product in Europe whereas in the United States there is more than 50 years experience. In that period there has been a process of development and improvement of this product to  a sheet pile which can compete with the traditional systems  and surpasses this in many cases.




Material: Vinyl

ESP 8.5
Width 457 mm
Depth 254 mm
Thickness 11,7 mm
Stiffness 555,0 kNm2/m1
Allowable Moment 37,8  kNm/m1
Section Modulus 1666,7 cm2/m1
Moment of Inertia 21167,1 cm4/m1
Weight 28,8 kg/m2