Safety, health and the environment are closely intertwined with elements such as instruction, consultation and supervision, which are therefore primarily included in our business operations. By communicating this in word and deed and by giving feedback on the experience gained, we strive for continuous improvement of the KAM policy. Improvement, on the one hand retaining the VCA and ISO 9001 certificate and on the other hand by formulating improvement goals in our action plans and realizing and improving them in practice. In order to link this to corporate social responsibility, we have decided to use the
CO2 -prestatieladder to better understand our CO2 -emissions. By making our CO2 -footprint we have mapped our most important emission sources. JLD International B.V. will update its energy policy annually, CO2 -footprint en communicate reduction objectives internally and externally. The level at which JLD International B.V. copes with CO2 -reduction
meets the requirements of the SKAO / CO2 -prestatieladder suggests level 5.

CO2 Prestatieladder





JLD International B.V. converted its own energy consumption into CO2 -emissions in order to gain more insight into her CO2 -emissions per energy flow. This understanding of the CO2 -emissions make it possible to set effective targets. In the year 2018, theCO2 -footprint calculated for the first time. The footprint is recalculated every six months and communicated internally and externally (see also the documents at C: Communication). Download the most recent footprint and progress report below:

J.F. Karsten Beheer B.V. Jaarbeoordeling CO2 2018

J.F. Karsten Beheer B.V. Periodieke Rapportage H1 2019

J.F. Karsten Beheer B.V. Jaarbeoordeling CO2 2019

J.F. Karsten Beheer B.V. Periodieke Rapportage H1 2020



JLD International B.V. has set reduction targets to effectively it’s CO2 -reduce emissions. Download the relevant document below:

J.F. Karsten Beheer B.V. Jaarplan 2019 CO2

Ketenanalyse JLD-Klapanker

J.F. Karsten Beheer B.V. Jaarplan 2020 CO2



JLD International B.V. communicates publicly about its energy reduction policy every six months. Download the relevant documents below:

J.F. Karsten Beheer B.V. Communicatie Overzicht



JLD International B.V. actively participates in initiatives for the reduction of CO2 in the sector or beyond. This is currently the initiative of KAM consultant Netherlands. Download the relevant documents below: