The newly improved System 241 and 200 are very popular and inexpensive timber decked pontoons with concrete floats. They are designed for mooring of smaller boats in sheltered marinas and for general purpose use. The deck elements are joined rigidly on the top of the floats. The structure is strong, long-lasting and easy to modify. The pontoons can be fitted with booms and up to 8 m long FN Fingers. The pontoons are easy to handle, transport and install. Mooring is with piles, chain or Seaflex.



Total capacity (kN/m2)1,321,58
Net capacity (kN/m2)1,001,25
Freeboard (m)0,520,52
Weight (kg/m)250240

In addition to the above mentioned sizes, pontoons of special dimensions and capacity are also available.

Exact unit weight and freeboard are subject to detailed specification of the unit, equipment and mooring methods. Shown numbers are for standard and unloaded units. Marinetek operates a policy of continuous development and reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Technische data

  • Concrete strength: 45 N/mm2 steel reinforced plastic fibre concrete. Exposure class according to European EN 206-1 standard
  • Core: Expanded polystyrene, density 15 kg/m3
  • Standard frame: Treated pine 75×200 mm, no. 4
  • Decking: Treated and grooved, 28×120 mm pine
  • Optional accessories: Cable tray, timber fenders, composite fenders