Progress of the JLD Dyke Stabilizer

Progress of the JLD Dyke Stabilizer

The project team is busy conducting the trials of the dyke stabilizer. The first phase trials are called interaction tests, which are carried out at this moment on the trial field in Purmerend. The ordeal consists of several tension tests in which the dyke stabilizer is being tested in a variety of configurations. Besides pulling the LDE or the ground anchor, the dyke stabilizer is also tested in its overall composition (LDE with folding anchor).

The dike stabilizers are inserted in the test field using a machine specially developed by JLD Contracting.


Then all mounted dyke stabilizers are being tested individually. The dyke stabilizer is being pulled using a mortar.

Currently almost all the test are completed in this stage, the results are satisfactory.

Meanwhile, preparations for implementation of the next phase trails, the container tests are being made.