Presentation JLD Dike Stabiliser at Hydraulic Engineering Day

Presentation JLD Dike Stabiliser at Hydraulic Engineering Day

Past 23 november JLD Contracting attended the Hydraulic Enigneering Day in Rotterdam with an own stand.

The subject of climate change is indispensable from everyday life. Increased flooding in low-lying deltas, the transition to clean energy and the Paris climate agreement ensure permanent attention in the media. In this way, they contribute to the social awareness of this subject. How much do sea levels rise and river discharges? And what does this mean for the hydraulic engineering sector?

Questions about this type of issues were being discussed this day by experts and companies involved in hydraulic engineering.

At this Hydraulic Engineer Day JLD Contracting presented the JLD Dike Stabilizer, an innovative dike reinforcement system which contributes to water safety in the Netherlands.

Curious about the JLD-Dike Stabilizer, and how it offers people a more secure environment, protecting them better against dike failure and also to warn them in an earlier stage when dikes are weakened? Read all about the JLD Dike Stabilizer here.