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JLD International BV supplies JLD folding ground anchors, ESP plastic sheet pile walls, WPC grating and dock materials and other related products worldwide. These are used successfully in civil engineering structures, erosion control, maritime, landscape and garden architecture and other applications.

Our JLD folding ground anchors have extensive structural application possibilities for anchoring in soil. Thanks to the particular mechanism for vibrating placement and tilting, the soil is not disrupted. The low initial prices and the method of installation using standard tools make our anchoring system a state-of-the-art product for anchoring in nearly every type of soil. In addition, the previously calculated required tensioning force is applied to every anchor installed. Installing and testing is done simultaneously, allowing the ground anchor to carry a load immediately.

Our ESP plastic sheet pile walls and fibreglass reinforced sheet pile walls can be used extensively in soil- and water-retention structures. The ESP plastic sheet pile walls are impervious to the surroundings, are chemical-resistant, lightweight and can withstand freezing (to approximately -30° C). These properties provide a long lifespan. The ESP plastic sheet pile walls are comprised completely of recycled material. They are colourfast and can be supplied in various colours. The sheet pile walls can be vibrated into the soil with standard machines and can then be finished with a (plastic) covering strip.



Our mission

  • JLD International strives to offer its customers the highest possible level of service with a technological head-start and a focus on customers and market developments.
  • We see ourselves as a partner to our customers, our community and our environment.
  • Our management and technical and sales employees are dedicated to the philosophy of customer service through innovation and to supplying effective solutions that satisfy requirements, deadlines and budgets.
  • Our objective is to become a nationally and internationally recognised concept that is associated with: Quality, Safety and Value.
  • We shall always strive toward optimising our activities in order to become more efficient and effective.
  • By creating an open and trusted environment and culture, we will attract and retain the best people – the basis for complete dedication and involvement.

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